Anak TV Seal Column 2006



(Released on December 18, 2006)

It was Manila congressman Miles Roces and CCP chair Emily Abrera who presented the awards for the top ten family favorites during the recent Anak TV Seal awards held at the Soka Gakkai building in Quezon City.

The ceremonies did not have the trappings of the usual awards nights. First, it started on the dot at 9:30in the morning, children’s hour. Then there was only one speech, that of the foundation president. Award recipients were asked to keep their thank you terse and to the point and the program was done in a little over an hour. Not bad for a ceremony honoring 87 Anak TV seal programs, 20 stars, 10 popular shows and two young broadcasters. If only the other awards bodies knew the meaning of short and impactful rather than longwinded and boring.

The over 7,500 voters consisting mostly of bona fide TV patrons had a field day nominating their favorite shows on TV. Naturally, the tabulators had a tedious time listing and tallying the results. By the time the shortlist was presented to the crucial final level judges in Baguio and Davao, the winners’ circle had already taken shape and it was simply the ranking that was awaited.

Depending on where the viewer’s allegiances lie and how his viewing tastes bend, the top ten choices of the Pinoy households can be received with glee or disappointment.
The big winner is GMA Network’s 24 Oras. Some judges from the elite campuses and private companies were incredulous, but only until they realized that there are millions of viewers who outnumber them in taste and preference. Comprehending that they are in the minority brings them quiet acceptance.

The other winners include Mulawin, Rated K, Captain Barbell ,Game Ka Na Ba?, Gulong ng Palad, Majika, Bituing Walang Ningning ,TV Patrol and Sa Piling Mo.

In all, there were two news programs, three fantaseryes and three standard soaps. There was only one magazine program and one game show in the list. GMA Network bagged four including the top two while ABS-CBN chalked six.

It is noteworthy to mention that the list of top favorites among TV personalities also reflects the list of top shows. Mel Tiangco and Mike Enriquez are frontrunners in the TV personality survey and they topbill 24 Oras. Many other top winners in the personality survey are featured in the shows that figured in the magic ten. They are Korina Sanchez, Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin, Sarah Gernonimo, Piolo Pascual, Judy Ann Santos, Julius Babao, Dennis Trillo and Kristine Hermosa.                                                      



(Released on December 11, 2006)

For three years’ running, the first four names in either male or female categories of the annual Anak TV survey have consistently been the same. Only the order slightly changes. This means that whether Anak TV asks for the people’s choice for the most wholesome personalities or whether it surveys the TV users’ household favorites, the top names are fairly constant.

Gary Valenciano is the all time top favorite among males; Mel Tiangco and Christine Bersola among females. Male runners up this year are Mike Enriquez, Piolo Pascual, Julius Babao and Arnold Clavio while the female counterparts are Sharon Cuneta and Bernadette Sembrano.

Completing the line up for the top ten are Aga Muhlach, newcomers to the list Sam Milby, Richard Gutierrez, Jericho Rosales and Dennis Trillo. Among the females, only Korina Sanchez has held on to her top ten standing. Newcomers to the list are Angel Locsin, Kristine Hermosa, Sarah Geronimo, Bea Alonzo and Judy Ann Santos.

It should be noted that the stars in the top ten came from only two stations, ABS and GMA, validating what everyone already knows: that these are the top stations, with the best signals, the widest reach and highest viewership, patronage and media clout. Six males and six females are from the ABS barn; four apiece came from rival GMA.

What is not surprising is that the average Pinoy TV viewer regards news anchors (Enriquez, Babao, Clavio, Tiangco, Sembrano and Sanchez) as “trustworthy” and “child-friendly”. How else can public affairs personalities be able to slug it out convincingly with the obviously more popular entertainment denizens like Cuneta, Locsin, Santos, Geronimo, Valenciano, Pascual, Gutierrez and Muhlach? That the top choices are generally well-mannered, free of controversy, highly intelligent and respectable speaks well of the people who chose them, i.e the mass TV audience.
Who did the Pinoys dislike seeing on TV? The results were not publicly disclosed, in deference both to the stars and their home networks. The list was however offered confidentially to the networks concerned. What we can share is that the Ayaw Ko top list contains mostly movie talk show and gossip program hosts from either side of the gender fence including what anything in between. Among the girls, five of them rose to notoriety on the strength of their voluptuousness or daringness.

In the final tabulation, nearly a dozen political personalities figured in the Least Liked list. The numbers they garnered were however too insignificant to land them in the top ten. The politicians are predominantly from the administration, a gaggle of publicity hungry, rhetorically gaseous and obnoxious types who are better described as palace sycophants and political opportunists. Three are cabinet secretaries, two are congressmen, one a lady senator and two others form a powerful father and son team.

Readers who ache to know who the personalities in the Ayaw Ko list are may hazard guesses and send them to The column’s reply will validate or correct the list submitted.

(To be continued)

(Released on December 4, 2006)

Either the nearly 4,000 jurors nationwide were too lenient this year or the Philippine TV stations were simply on their toes cleaning up their act for children.

Whatever it was, this year’s harvest of Anak TV Seal winners is by far the most impressive in number. From a piddling 15 in year 2000 when the TV networks were tentative about submitting their programs for public evaluation to 71 last year, a number already unprecedented in Anak TV’s five year history to this year’s bumper crop of 87.
ABC, the “iba tayo” station, lords it over again as the top grosser. With 14 winners, ABC edges out Net 25, RPN and Studio 23 by three each. ABS-CBN has ten awards, GMA has nine, QTV has seven, NBN has seven, IBC, five and SBN, 2.

The derby began in Iloilo in February with 159 fielded entries. Knowledge Channel, being a cable station, should have been part of the derby but many jurors have no access to non-free TV channels. Nevertheless, shows that won the Anak TV Seal may also sport it when they air on Knowledge Channel this year.

The jurors, all adults from various sectors of society and covering the breadth of the archipelago, also voted for the country’s most well liked as well as disliked TV personalities, TV ads and TV programs. The results will be made known when the Anak TV seal winners are awarded on Friday, December 8 at 9:30 in the morning at the Soka Gakkai Building in Quezon City. 

Guests at the morning affair are the Arellano High School rondalla and select articulate pupils of P. Gomez Elementary School who will do co-presenter honors with the members of the board of the Southeast Asian Foundation for Children and Television.

The awardee programs are: ABS-CBN: Art Jam, Barney and Friends, John en Shirley, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, Pilipinas, Game Ka na Ba?, Rated K, Salamat Dok, Sanrio World of Animation, The New Adventures of Madeline, Wansapanataym; NBN: Damayan, Kusina, Atbp., NBN Business, Sportslist, Talk Ko ‘To, The Morning Show, Tinig ng Bayan; ABC: ABC Nickelodeon, Animal X, Ating Alamin, Gourmet Everyday, Healthline, How ‘Bout My Place, Island Flavors, Kabataan News Network, Mommy Academy, Nutrition and Health, Pinoy Iba Tayo, Tahanang Pinoy, The Practical Cook Show, Word Made Flesh; GMA: Art Angel, Dora, the Explorer, Happy Tales, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, Lovely Day, Mahiwagang Baul, Maynila, Pinoy Meets World, Wish Ko Lang; RPN: Asin at Ilaw, Balikatan, Biyaheng Langit, Friends Again, Home Buddy, Insight Inside, Mag-Negosyo Tayo, May Liwanag, Signs and Wonders, Tagumpay sa Bibliya, W.O.W.; QTV: Ang Pinaka, At Your Service-Star Power, Dayoff, Heidi, Katoque, Make Way For Noddy, Rx Men; IBC: A Taste of Life, Good Take, Serbis on the Go, Earth Files, Japan Video Topics; SBN: Buhay Pinoy sa Telebisyon,
Oras ng Himala; STUDIO 23: 26th National Quiz Bee, 700 Club Asia, 7th Heaven, Breakfast Supersized, Gameplan, Mathtinik, Postman Pat, Sineskwela, Sports TV, The Key of David, Y Speak; NET 25: Arts 21, Convergence, Euromaxx, Gabay sa Kalusugan, House Calls, In Focus, Kapatid sa Hanapbuhay, Open Line, The Planet, Tomorrow Today, Tribe.

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