Woman slams ‘cheap’ date for only buying her water but he hits back

A woman has been harshly criticised online after she slammed her date for being “cheap”.

The anonymous woman headed out for a meal with a guy, who, instead of ordering cocktails or a bottle of bubbly, opted for the safer, more budget-friendly option of ice water.

But his choice didn’t go down well as the woman dissed his efforts.

Sharing a picture of their meal on Twitter, which included a burger and chips and the glasses of water, she wrote: “You know he’s broke when he buys you water.”

However, she wasn’t expecting him to see the tweet online – or for him to comment for everyone to see.

The man wrote: “You know you’re broke when you depend on someone else to pay for your meal.”

The couple’s conversation was later shared on Reddit where the woman was slammed for being ungrateful.

One person said: “On a first date it’s always just coffee at Starbucks. I want her only incentive to be meeting me not a free dinner.”

Another agreed: “Coffee shop first dates are always the way to go.

“You can easily bail if things aren’t great and you’re in for just a few bucks.”

While a third said: “What’s wrong with water? I always get water when I’m out if I’m not drinking coffee. Not because I’m ‘too broke’ but because I love it.”