Grandma spots ‘demon’ standing over girl’s bed after tot told it to ‘go away’

A grandma says she captured a ‘demon figure’ standing over her grandchild’s bed just days after the tot was heard talking to something in the middle of the night.

Tory McKenzie set up a motion-activated camera in the children’s room at her son Ryan’s house after he reported his two-year-old daughter Amber had been heard pleading “go away” after she had been put to bed.

The 41-year-old checked the footage from the room after a few days and says she found a terrifying image of a “figure” standing inches away from Amber and her seven-month-old brother Michael with “a horn on its head and long claws”.

The grandmother said she attempted to rid the home of the “evil presence” by burning oils, but claims when she did cabinets and curtains opened and closed, and music began to play by itself.

The mum-of-five shared the images on Facebook for advice and hit back at those who claimed it had to be fake by arguing she doesn’t have the technical ability to alter the photo and just wants to “protect her family”.

Other users responded to agree the figure in the image looked “demonic” and warned her son to get out.

The family say they previously recorded “orbs” flying around the children’s bedroom, but the latest happening has seen Ryan move his kids into his room instead.

Tory, from Las Vegas, Nevada, said: “It was so shocking when I saw it. I had to do a double take. The first thing I saw was horns on its head, so you immediately think it’s the devil or a demon.

“When we caught videos of the orbs we thought it was a family member looking after the kids, but that picture, I have no idea. It’s terrifying.

“I showed the kids and my 13-year-old son was scared by it. I ran over to the house and showed my eldest son. We were just in shock and he couldn’t explain it either.

“Everybody was asleep, so it couldn’t have been my son or his partner. We have still shots of him in there and it looks nothing like that. I know that it’s something supernatural.

“Ryan has moved the kids out of their room and into his room. Nothing bad has happened to them yet, but it’s the fact that it could.

“The two-year-old isn’t scared of [the figure] and thinks it’s her friend, but one night she told it to go away.”

Tory said she is surprised there appears to be such a dark presence in the home as the property is only about 20 years old.

She took to Facebook to plead for help, claiming: “It [the figure] started out talking to the two-year-old, keeps her up every night, usually laughing and talking, until one night we heard her telling it ‘no’ and to ‘go away’.”

The post was shared on a paranormal activity group, and one member responded to say: “I see this all the time. Whenever there’s a new baby in the house, the deceased family members pop in to see the new baby. This is photographic proof of a deceased grandparent stopping in for a visit.”

A second wrote: “Dear God it appears to have horns and long, knived fingers. Creepy AF.”

A third advised: “Ask what it wants. It could just be a lost soul.”

And another added: “Very easy solution here, tank of gasoline and a lighter and burn the house down. And just move on.”