Woman shares 39p cleaning hack to remove stubborn dirt from tiles with ease

A woman has been praised for sharing a simple trick to help clean filthy tiles – and it won’t break the bank.

Grace Alyssia Isles-Blackburn was blown away when she discovered a cleaning hack that saw her rid her bathroom wall of stubborn grime.

The secret you ask? Bleach and a toothbrush.

Posting on Facebook, in the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips group, Grace shared a before and after snap of her wall.

She wrote: “Thanks to whoever suggested using neat bleach and a scrubbing brush on grout.

“After spending lots on many products to try shift the water grime, a 40p bottle of bleach and brush did the trick.”

Grace also gave a step-by-step of how she achieved her clean tiles.

She said: “After using many cleaning products spending a fortune on highly rated products I couldn’t remove the build-up of grime.

“So I decided to try with bleach and an old toothbrush as a last resort.

“I applied neat Aldi own brand bleach which cost me about 39p to an old toothbrush ensured all windows were open for ventilation.

“I scrubbed the grout between each time and rinsed all the tiles well once completed.”

After sharing the post on Facebook, Grace was flooded with praise from people who were keen to try the hack out on their dirty tiles.

One person said: “Looks amazing now.”

Another, who thanked her for posting the hack online, asked whether she used any bleach in particular, to which she said: “Nope just your cheap standard bleach will do and a toothbrush.”

However, she did urge people to keep a window open whilst cleaning as the room ‘fills with fumes’.